International Conferences

Investigation of image and sound processing of the human brain using multisensory stimuli

MY Jung, Lee WW, Niv Lustig, Choi MS, Lee JH.

OHBM 2020/Jun, Virtual
Investigation of Multimodality from Unimodal Classification Using Deep Neural Network: Image & Text

Lee J, Lee CH, Kim HC, Jo SM, Jung MY, Lee JH.

OHBM 2020/Jun, Virtual
Understanding Human Reasoning from the Text of bAbI Dataset

Lee J, Choi MS, Kim JS, Kim HC, Jo SM, Lee JH.

OHBM 2020/Jun, Virtual
Real-time fMRI neurofeedback of laterality index from stroke patients: Preliminary study

Kim DY, Kim YH, Kang DH, Lee JH.

OHBM 2019/Jun, Rome
Image and text understanding of human brain as measured by fMRI using deep neural network

Kim HC, Lee JHyeon, Kim JS,  Jo SM, Lee JH

OHBM 2019/Jun, Rome
Naturalistic viewing paradigm using eye-tracking based 360° movie clip

Jo SM, Jin SS, Kim HC, Lee JH

OHBM 2019/Jun. Rome