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New research grant on Imaging-Genetics

We have recently awarded a new three-year research grant from the National Research Foundation of Korea as the leading team of the second group of the teams in the BIG-BRAIN project!


Minseok's Birthday
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Happy Birthday!

Professor's Birthday


Teacher's Day


Thank you, Professor!

Prof. Lee gave an online talk at Kyungpook National University

Prof. Lee gave a talk entitled, “Human-Inspred AI Research via Functional MRI Data.”

Prof. Lee gave an offline talk at 인공지능 그랜드 ICT연구센서, 동의대

Prof. Lee gave a talk entitled, “뇌영상기반 뇌공학 기술.”

Celebration of Dr. Dong-Youl Kim Ph.D Degree


Congratulations, Dr. Kim!

Prof. Park, Hyung-Min gave a talk at BSPL

Prof. Park, Hyung-Min (Professor, Department of Electronics, Sogang University) gave talks entitled, “Auxiliary-Function-Based Independent Vector Analysis for Blind Source Separation” and “Independent Component Analysis.”

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