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Jong-Hwan Lee (이종환), Ph.D.


My longstanding research interests have been in the investigation of hidden information underlying sensory signals and development of efficient methods for accurate analysis of this information. My recent research has focused on the application of the artificial neural networks and/or machine learning algorithms to the neuroimaging data, such as structural MRI (sMRI), functional MRI (fMRI), and electroencephalography (EEG). In our lab, we have been working on the studies/projects such as (i) a novel application of independent vector analysis and (ii) an iterative approach of dual-regression with sparse constraints on spatial patterns of neuronal activations applying to group fMRI data processing, (iii) automated classification of thought processes measured via fMRI data, (iv) analysis of simultaneous EEG-fMRI methods and their applications to sleep-onset/epileptic-foci detection and to denoising of cryogenic pump artifact of MRI scanner, (v) real-time fMRI based neurofeedback, (vi) nicotine addiction research via neuroimaging, and (vii) an early diagnosis of neurodegenerative and/or neuropsychiatric diseases from multimodal neuroimaging using advanced methods such as deep learning/machine learning and representational similarity analysis.

PhD Candidates and Integrated MS-PhD Candidates

Juhyeon Lee (이주현)


One of my research aims is to discover individual distinctiveness in dynamic functional connectivity. I am also investigating how information (e.g., text/language) is processed in the brain. Mostly, I utilize deep learning and machine learning techniques for the analysis.

Changha Lee (이창하)


I’m interested in developing algorithms to figure out how cognitive processes work by using fMRI data.

JaeEon Kang (강재언)


I am interested in Emotion processing with deep-learning and neuroplasticity algorithms for brain diseases with fMRI.

MS Candidates

SooHyun Jeon (전수현)


I am interested in integrating genetics and brain imaging for mental disorders.

Sangsoo Jin (진상수)


I am interested in brain mechanisms of recognizing objects and learning complex behaviors. Current research aims are (1) designing a non-fMRI, web-based behavioral experimental framework, and (2) utilizing a VR-like environment to study reinforcement learnings in human participants.

Jinsoo Jeon (전진수)


My research interest is emotion processing with deep-learning by combining multimodal datasets including EEG-fMRI.


Jundong Hwang (황준동)


I’m interested in AI-based CAD(computer aided diagnosis) of several psychiatric disorders such as depression, autism, to treat them right on time.

Lab Manager

Jinhong Kim (김진홍)



Graduate students

JunDong Hwang (황준동), M.S., Aug/2023

Minseok Choi (최민석), M.S., Feb/2023

Yeji Kim (김예지), M.S., Feb/2023

Jinwoo Hong (홍진우), M.S., Aug/2022

Minji Park (박민지), May/2022

Minyoung Jung, M.S., Aug/2021

Dong-Youl Kim, M.S. & Ph.D., Feb/2021
Postdoctoral Fellow, Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at Virginia Tech Carilion

Niv Lustig, M.S., Aug/2020
Currently job searching in Israel

Sungman Jo, M.S., Aug/2020
Currently Researcher at Brain Engineering Institute, Korea University

Hyun-Chul Kim, Ph.D., Feb/2019
Assistant Professor, Kyungpook National University

DaWoon Heo, M.S. Feb/2018
Researcher at KIST

Wan-Joo Park, Ph. D., Aug/2016
Currently Post-Doctoral Associate at Engineering Division, NYU Abu Dhabi

Hojin Jang, M.S. Aug/2016
Currently Ph.D. candidate at Vanderbilt University

Suji Kim, M.S. Aug/2016
Currently working at a start-up

Junghoe Kim, Ph. D., Feb/2016
Currently at the Samsung Electronics, Inc.

Hojung Kang, M.S. Aug/2013
Currently at the Korea Institute of Brain Science

Yong-Hwan Kim, M.S. Feb/2012
Currently at the ASAN Medical Center

Eun Kyung Jung, M.A.
Completed Ph.D. coursework

Han-Gil Lee
Completed MS coursework

Minkyung Oh
Completed MS coursework

Wangwon Lee
Completed MS coursework

Researchers and Research Assistants

JunDong Hwang (July/2020 - Feb/2021)
School of Life Sciences, Korea University

Niv Lustig (Sep/2020 - Dec/2020)
Brain Engineering Institute, Korea University

Jihyeok Jeong (June/2020 - Oct/2020)
Naewoo Shin (June/2019-April/2020)
Hye-In Gu (Sep/2019-Feb/2020)
Department of Statistics, Korea University

Jae-Ryong So (Sep/2019- Nov/2019)
Devision of Industrial Management Engineering, College of Engineering, Korea University

SeungA Kim (Winter/2018- Nov/2019)
Department of Chemistry, Korea University

Sung-Jun Lee (Winter/2018- Nov/2019)
Department of Architecture, Korea University

Soo-Jong Kim, M.S.(Jul. 2019 - Sep. 2019)

Junho Yun, B.A(Jan. 2019 - Sep. 2019)

Seok-Hyun Seo (January/2019- May/2019)
Department of Statistics, Korea University

Hye-Song An, B.A. (April/2019 - July/2019)
Currently at the Job market

Inuk Song, M.S. (Apr. 2019 - Jun. 2019)
Currently preparing a Ph.D. program

Gyuhyun Kim (Jan. 2019 - Feb. 2019)
Currently at Mokwon University

Jinsu Kim (Mar/2018 - Feb/2019)

Jaehun Shim (Nov. 2017 - Nov. 2018)
Currently at the College of Liberal Arts, Korea University

Jungwoon Yang (Nov. 2017 - Aug. 2018)
Currently at Graduate School of Education, Korea University

Sunwoo Nam (Nov. 2017 - Feb. 2018)
Currently at Graduate School of Medicine

Hanh Vu, M.S. (Dec. 2017 - Aug. 2018)
Bio-Engineering, Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)
Currently a Ph. D. candidate at the BSPL, Department of Brain and Cognitive Engineering, Korea University

Jérémy Julien (Fall/2015)
VR & Health R&D Engineer Intern Sssilor, France

Taewoon Kim (Summer/2014)
School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Yonsei Univ.
Currently at Dept of Information and Communication Systems, TUHH, Hamburg, Germany

Yujin Jang (Fall/2013)
College of Liberal arts, Korea Univ.
Currently at Dept. of Psychology, Korea University

Do-Ran Hwang (Fall/2013)
College of Liberal arts, Korea Univ.
Currently at Law School, Seoul National University

Kyoung-Ran Chi (Fall/2013)
College of Science, Korea Univ.

Aram Kim (Fall/2013)
College of Information and Technology, Korea Univ.

JaeHeon Jeong (Fall/2011 - Fall/2012)
College of Information and Technology, Korea Univ.

MinJoong Kim (Fall/2011)
College of Information and Technology, Korea Univ.

Ji-Hye Jang (Winter/2010 - Spring/2011)
College of Information and Technology, Korea Univ.
Currently a Ph.D. candidate at TU München, München

Jin-Sung Lee (Spring/2011)
College of Information and Technology, Korea Univ.

Su-Hyun Ha (Spring/2010 - Winter/2010)
College of Information and Technology, Korea Univ.
Currently at KAIST

Hyuk-Soo Shin (Fall/2010)
College of Information and Technology, Korea Univ.
Currently at CIC, Korea University

Jongmin Lee (Fall/2010)
College of Information and Technology, Korea Univ.
Currently at CIC, Korea University

Heon Lee (Fall/2010)
College of Information and Technology, Korea Univ.

Seongmin Kim (July/2015-Aug/2015)

Deuk-Won Seo (Feb/2015-Mar/2015)

Nam-Jun Kim (Sep/2014-Dec/2014)
Chang-Ju Yoon (Mar/2012-Aug/2012)
Kangmin Lee (Feb/2013-Mar/2013)